Ngunguru, Kenya, Washed (filter)

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TASTE  Stewed Rhubarb, Spice & Blackberry
VARIETAL SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11
ALTITUDE 1800 masl

 Ngunguru is part of the Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society and is located in Nyeri in Central Kenya. Nyeri is known for coffees with intense, complex and flavour-dense cup profiles and probably most famed for the elusive blackcurrant flavours. We do struggle to find coffees with these blackcurrant like flavour these days as Kenya is planting new varietals to future proof their coffee production we have noticed a shift to higher acidity and a wider mix of fruity flavours.

Tekangu is made up of mainly smallholder farms, each with some 100 trees. They are organised in Cooperative Societies that act as umbrella organisations for the factories (wet mills), where the smallholders deliver their coffee cherries for processing. The annual average rainfall in the area is 1200 mm. The temperatures are mainly between 15 and 25 celsius. The soil around Mount Kenya is rich and volcanic, mainly Nitisol. Nitisols occur in highlands and on volcanic steep slopes. They are developed from volcanic rocks and have better chemical and physical properties than other tropical soils.

The coffee trees flower from February – March and the main harvest is from October - December. For us Kenya marks the start of summer.