Frinsa - Indonesia - lactic honey - Dak

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This is the only coffee roasted for espresso that we've got in from Dak and we'll certainly be ordering more espresso's next time because it's a banger. We're finding it runs really nicely at a classic 1-2 ratio (19g in 38g out) and has loads of body, sweetness and complexity, real sharp with loads of heavy body to ground it. One of our favourite espresso's this year. It cuts through milk if you wanted to try it as a shorter milk drink, but in our opinion espresso is where it really shines.

Dak is an Amsterdam roaster founded by two Québécois from Montreal. They roast beautiful single origin coffees, that are brimming with flavour and elegantly packaged whilst retaining a sense of fun and approachability. We've got a limited but excellent selection in from them with something for everyone.