Sitio Cachaoeirnha - Brazil - Natural - Filter

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Sultana, Cinnamon & Orange Zest

Fabio Andriel & Cleber Tiago

PROCESS Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 1350 masl

Sitio Cachoeirinha has an inspiring family of growers behind it. Fabio Andriel and Cleber Tiago Silva are brothers and along with their wives, they run Cachoerinha together. They grew up alongside the coffee trees on the farm and have a real passion for great coffee. Which they attest to their grandfather who taught them how the grow trees and sustain the farm whilst growing up. Five years ago they began work to produce specialty coffee. They are 3rd generation growers with children of their own who are following in their footsteps. The farm is located in the south east of Brazil in the region of South Minas with the family living in the small town of Albertina nearby.

They have around 20000 trees, 5000 red catuai and the rest a mix of red and yellow catuai. Most of the picking is done mechanically but the younger trees are picked by hand.

This coffee is a natural anaerobic which requires the cherries to first be fermented in an airless environment for 72 hours which is then moved to drying patios and raised beds which are hand sorted and have a constant monitored temperature.